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At Star Rapid, we can manufacture your CNC machined prototypes and parts out of almost any material that can be purchased on the open market. If you submit a special request, we can use a specific material that you provide. In the table below you will find high-quality materials that we commonly use in our facilities.


We also machine metals using heat-shrink cutter holders for our high-speed spindles to ensure cutting accuracy. We can get almost any metal material that you desire. Common metals used when CNC machining at our facilities are listed in the below table. We will always advise our customers on the machinability of any material requested.

Also, you can check out, an online searchable materials property database, for very specific information regarding materials. Download the below materials list here.

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CNC Machining of plastic injection mold tool at Star Rapid for Snuffmaster

CNC Machining

Type: Material NameAbbreviation
FiberCarbon FiberCFRP, CRP, CFRTP
MetalAluminum - 1050AL 1050
MetalAluminum - 1060AL 1060
MetalAluminum - 2024AL 2024
MetalAluminum - 5052-H11AL 5052-H11
MetalAluminum - 5083AL 5083
MetalAluminum - 6061AL 6061
MetalAluminum - 6082AL 6082
MetalAluminum - 7075AL 7075
MetalAluminum - bronze AL + Br
MetalAluminum - MIC-6AL - MIC-6
MetalAluminum - QC-10AL QC-10
MetalBrassCu + Zn
MetalCopper - berylliumCu + Be
MetalCopper - chromeCu +Cr
MetalCopper - tungstenCu + W
MetalMagnesium alloy
MetalPhosphor bronzeCu + Sn + P
MetalSteel - Stainless 303SS 303
MetalSteel - Stainless 304SS 304
MetalSteel - Stainless 316SS 316
MetalSteel - Stainless 410 SS 410
MetalSteel - Stainless 431SS 431
MetalSteel - Stainless 440SS 440
MetalSteel - Stainless 630SS 630
MetalSteel 1040SS 1040
MetalSteel 45SS 45
MetalSteel D2SS D2
MetalTin bronze
MetalTitanium alloy
PlasticAcrylonitrile butadiene styreneABS
PlasticAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS - high temp
PlasticAcrylonitrile butadiene styreneABS - anti static
PlasticAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene + PolycarbonateABS + PC
PlasticHigh-density polyethyleneHDPE, PEHD
PlasticNylon 6PA6
PlasticNylon 6 + 30% Glass FillPA6 + 30% GF
PlasticNylon 6-6 + 30% Glass FillPA66 + 30% GF
PlasticNylon 6-6 PolyamidePA66
PlasticPolybutylene terephthalatePBT
PlasticPolycarbonate - Glass fillPC + GF
PlasticPolycarbonate + 30% Glass fillPC + 30 % GF
PlasticPolyether ether ketonePEEK
PlasticPolyetherimide + 30% Glass FillUltem 1000 + 30% GF
PlasticPolyetherimide + Ultem 1000PEI + Ultem 1000
PlasticPolyethylene terephthalate PET
PlasticPolymethyl methacrylate - acrylicPMMA - Acrylic
PlasticPolyphenylene sulfidePPS
PlasticPolyphenylene sulfide + Glass FillPPS + GF
PlasticPolyvinyl chloridePVC
PlasticPolyvinyl chloride + White/GreyPVC - White/Gray
PlasticPolyvinylidene fluoridePVDF

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