History Of Star Rapid

Star Rapid

From The Founder

When I got on the plane in London on July 15, 2005 to travel to China to set up Star Rapid, I knew I was entering a new era in my life. I knew I would face challenges building a business in a new country like China and I knew I had a lot to learn. China had a reputation for bad quality, miscommunication and late deliveries, but despite this I saw an opportunity to provide a new experience for those who wished to manufacture their products in China.

Sitting on that plane I promised myself that when I got to China I would run my business exactly the way I had ran my business in the UK. I would conform to European standards throughout and aim for extremely high efficiency. I would assume that I had huge competition even if I didn’t and decided that I would hire foreign engineers to come and teach our Chinese employees how to make high-quality parts. I also decided I would hire educated, young Chinese graduates and personally train them from the ground up. Most of our project managers now speak great English.

Star Rapid

Enabling Innovation Through Manufacturing Solutions

Now, after years of heavily investing in our inspection and quality control activities we offer the highest of standards at a great price due to our location in China. We have more than 20 full-time inspectors and have invested more than USD 500,000 on the latest metrology equipment including a newly arrived Zeiss Comet blue/white light scanner for scanning 3D shapes and a Bruker Alpha FTIR for identifying plastics.

My commitment to my customers is that we aim to provide you with a unique service from China that conforms with the best that the world has to offer. Our international team of engineers and managers will support you through the manufacturing process to ensure your project is a success. By dedicating ourselves to constant improvement and by going above and beyond to ensure our customers realize their vision, we have become known internationally as a trusted thought leader and a true industry innovator. Continue reading to learn more about our journey to where we are today as a world leading prototyping and low-volume manufacturing provider.