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Low-Volume Manufacturing Service

Through our low-volume manufacturing service, we can provide you with hundreds of thousands of parts so that you can take your product to market. If you only need a few parts or prototypes, you may want to consider one of our prototyping services. At Star Rapid, we work with you every step of the way, from prototyping to production. Once you’re ready to start your next project, contact our team with you 3D Cad file to get a free quote.

What Is Low-Volume Manufacturing?

Low volume manufacturing is a specialized service offering full production-quality parts but in volumes usually limited to 100,000 pieces or fewer, depending on the process used. This is an increasingly popular option for many product categories, allowing for a more limited investment in tooling and materials while providing quick access to markets, rapid response to shorter product life cycles and as a bridge between initial prototypes and high-volume production.

Collection of injection molded parts on sprues at Star Rapid

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Advantages Of Low-Volume Manufacturing

How can low-volume manufacturing help you and your business? Here are just some of the ways:

  • Create a bridge between a few prototypes and full-scale production
  • Reduce cost with no minimum orders, less expensive tooling
  • Provide rapid access to emerging markets
  • Respond quickly to shorter product life cycles
  • Allow for faster design changes
  • Lower financial exposure
  • Shorten production lead times
Low-Volume Manufacturing Tooling made at Star Rapid

Low-Volume Manufacturing Tool

Low-Volume Manufacturing Services

Plastic Injection Molding Machine with robotic conveyor system at Star Rapid

Plastic injection molding is ideal for making thousands of plastic part copies. We have a wide range of plastic material available.

Image of 5-axis machining of a rotor at Star Rapid

Using our imported 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers, our skilled machinists can make CNC milled and turned parts in a range of materials.

Image of pressure die cast housing at Star Rapid

Pressure die casting is used to make copies of cast parts in aluminum, zinc or magnesium. Molds are made in-house from H-13 steel using CNC machining and EDM/wire EDM.

Image of engineers in metal 3D printing department at Star Rapid

We use the advanced Renishaw AM250 to offer 3D metal printing in titanium, aluminum, maraging steel and stainless steel.

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When you send us your 3D CAD files, our technicians will evaluate your requirements and advise the best combination of services to meet your expectations. Contact us for a competitive quote.

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Dave Moir in CNC department at Star Rapid

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