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Injection Molding

Star Rapid is a world-class provider of advanced injection molding services. We offer a complete manufacturing solution that covers every aspect of positive material identification, tool making, part fabrication, finishing, and final inspection. Our international team of manufacturing experts is committed to providing you with the highest level of professional support for injection molding services of any size or complexity. We offer three tiers of injection molding services to ensure that you get precisely the solution that’s best for your intended volume, production time and budget.

Star Rapid Provides Injection Molding Services

Rapid Tooling
Reflex2 orthopedic monitor device from Starfish Medical and Claris Healthcare

Rapid tooling is ideal for quickly making smaller volumes of parts that are suitable for engineering testing, new product development, proof-of-concept, and as a bridge to mass production. Learn more about our rapid tool making and injection molding services.

Micro Molding
Multicolored micro molded lenses, from Star Rapid

Micro molding is a specialized service for making unlimited volumes of parts on the small scale. For tomorrow’s advanced micro mechanical devices, micro molding can save both time and money. Learn more about micro injection molding services at Star Rapid.

Production Tooling
Overmolded production part in green and clear plastic, from Star Rapid

Production tooling is for customers who need high volumes of identical plastic parts and enclosures. Production tools require careful engineering, high performance tool steels, and exacting process control to achieve repeatable results. 

Plastic Injection Molding

We have an extensive library of technical information and design guidelines to support you. Learn about plastic injection molding, common errors, and how to avoid them, choose the right resin for your project, applying geometric tolerances, the importance of visual quality standards, and more.

Injection Molding Resources

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Why Choose us

Why Choose Star Rapid for Injection Molding

The finest production mold tools start with quality raw materials, strict process control, and expert toolmakers. Only a supplier with years of experience supporting Fortune 500 companies can ensure repeatable results for your production tooling needs. Here are some of the advantages the Star Rapid offers for high-volume production tool making and injection molding services.

A Complete Range of Services

We offer more than just tool making and molding services. Our complete package includes every manufacturing process you need for a total product development solution.

Proven Success

Thousands of companies of every size from around the globe have chosen to work with Star Rapid to help them develop new injection mold tools and finished parts. Your success is the foundation of our reputation.

Positive Material Identification

Your regulatory compliance and your peace of mind are assured with our industry-leading positive material identification department. People trust Star Rapid when the job absolutely must be right.

Design Optimization

A comprehensive design for manufacturing review comes with every tool and product design project. You’ll receive superior results while saving time and money.

Intelligent Quotations for Every Project

We support your development goals by having no minimum order volumes or value for our injection molding production. In addition, we have a proprietary AI quoting algorithm that provides fast, accurate, and transparent pricing on every project, every time.

Advantages Of Injection Molding

Injection molding services from Star Rapid offer you many advantages. It’s the most stable and reliable way to make unlimited volumes of end-use plastic parts to suit virtually any application in any industry. In addition, engineering resins can replace metal parts in many cases, which reduces weight and saves cost.

Thousands of resins to choose from

Highly automated for efficiency

Stable and repeatable

Excellent surface quality

Overmolding for more design options

Multi-cavity and family tools

Star Rapid

Injection Molding Projects

Star Rapid worked with Powelectrics to make the enclosure for their Metron4. Read how we made a case that’s strong and weatherproof for the toughest field conditions.

Marco Beverage designed a high-end reservoir for their coffee making system. Learn how we helped them to bring this product to life with careful tool engineering.

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