Meet our Global Team

With team members located in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia, you will have in-region support with a vast amount of knowledge and skills ready to support your project. See who your representative is in this interactive map.

Kaelan Lee

North America Sales Manager –
USA West & Canada West

Justina White

Business Development Engineer –
United Kingdom

Dara Shabnam

Business Development Manager –
USA Midwest & Canada East

Peter Koolen

Sales Manager –

Thomas Arkell

Business Development & Growth –

Erik Must

Business Development Engineer –
USA East

Joel Castanheira

Business Development Engineer –
Southern Europe

Meet our Leadership Team

At Star, we have an international management team from all over the world that speak many languages. This global expertise allows us to provide a great service to customers all over the world.

Gordon Styles

Gordon Styles

President & CEO

Learn more about Gordon

Gordon Styles started out his career in 1983, at the age of 18, as a machining apprentice at his Father’s ten person precision engineering company. By 21, after the death of his Father, Gordon became owner and Managing Director. After years of struggling in an economically backward and industrially declining area, Gordon discovered 3D printing and soon became a national fast-growth high-tech success story as STYLES Rapid Prototyping Limited.

In 2000, the renamed 73-person STYLES Rapid Product Development Limited was sold to Japanese rapid prototyper ARRK. Gordon then went on to found another more traditional engineering company investing most of the proceeds from the first company, but sadly it failed within a few years. Disillusioned with the direction that UK industry and politics was taking, and fearing a huge recession, Gordon decided to try his luck in China.

Founded as a 3D printing and CNC machining company in Hong Kong in 2005, and later in 2007 in Zhongshan China; Star Rapid has grown organically from a one-person trading company to a 300-person manufacturing company. Having appointed a full management board, Gordon works as President and CEO of the company.

The goal now is to transform Star Rapid into a global example of excellence in Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Michele Mascolo

Global Marketing Director

Learn more about Michele

Michele Mascolo joined Star Rapid in March 2020 as Global Marketing Director.

Michele spent 8 years as a B2B marketer in China, crafting and executing long-term online and offline strategies to help companies raise awareness and drive engagement. Michele’s strengths are social media marketing, website optimization, UX/UI and content strategy.

Michele is originally from Italy, and has lived in Beijing and Shanghai. 

Human Resource Director

Jacky Zhu

Operations Director

Learn more about Jacky

Mr. Jacky Zhu is the Operations Director at Star Rapid. Jacky studied Computer Information Management at Soochow University in Jiangsu, and received his MBA from the City University of Macau. He has worked for many multinational companies including AMD, Datacolor, Philips, Ammeraal Beltech and Domino UK before joining Star Rapid.

Jacky has diverse experience in supply chain management, lean manufacturing, project management and ERP systems implementation. He will use these skills to help Star achieve its goals for zero delivery time and Industry 4.0. In his spare time Jacky likes football, badminton and traveling.

Elaine Du

Elaine Du

HR & Finance Director

Learn more about Elaine

Elaine Du joined Star Rapid in July 2018 as the HR & Finance Director. Elaine is from Shaanxi Province and studied International Accounting at Jilin University of Finance and Economics. She relocated to Zhuhai in 2002 and received her MBA from Jinan University in 2016.

She has a wealth of experience working in foreign-owned enterprises helping to control budgets, reduce costing and streamline financial operations. We know that she will be able to bring these same skills to Star.

In her spare time she goes to the gym and stays in shape with a private trainer. Elaine says, “Keeping fit has many benefits, but to me it’s more about reducing stress.”

Human Resource Director

Jason Yan

IT Director

Learn more about Jason

Jason Yan is the Director of the IT Department at Star Rapid, effective August 2019. He graduated from Sichuan Panzhihua University in July 2002 majoring in Electrical Systems. He has more than 16 years of experience in IT system management and enterprise digital transformation. Prior to joining Star, Jason worked as a project manager in Chengdu and as a Senior IT manager at one of the largest EMS companies in Zhuhai.

Jason says, “I hope to lead our IT team to provide professional, safe, stable and efficient IT solutions to enable Star’s future growth through digital transformation.”

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