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Pressure Die Casting Service

At Star Rapid, we offer a complete range of pressure die casting services, including mold tool making, die casting and post-machining. We make pressure die cast mold tools for export and also create the highest quality die cast parts available in China, with economical prices that cannot be matched elsewhere. When you send us your 3D product design for a free quote, our engineers will review your design to ensure it is optimized for manufacturing.

What Is Pressure Die Casting?

Pressure die casting is an ideal method for making large quantities of metal parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional stability. We provide cast parts in aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Advantages Of Die Casting

  • Die casting mold tools can be somewhat more expensive and difficult to make, but the price for each part produced is low, so it’s suited for larger production runs
  • Surface finish and dimensional stability are excellent
  • Complex geometries can be made that require little or no post-machining
  • It is great for medium to larger sized parts that would be slower and more expensive to machine
Pressure Die Casting Mold In H13 Hardened To 42HRC

Pressure Die Casting Mold In H13 Hardened To 42HRC

Pressure Die Cast Table Leg Prototype

Pressure Die Cast Table Leg Prototype

The Pressure Die Casting Process

To start the pressure die casting process, two mold tools, or “dies”, are placed inside of a larger Master Unit Base, which is then mounted into the die casting machine. Molten metal is forced into the cavity of the die through a series of channels, and then the core and cavity are further pressed together to make the final shape. The master unit base also has water cooling channels that help to cool and solidify the part, while ejectors pins are used to push it from the die cavity and prepare for another cycle. To create a good mold tool, and therefore a good finished part, we pay special attention to certain key areas that must be controlled carefully. These include wall thicknesses, draft angles, overhangs and the locations of parting lines and ejector pin marks.

Materials Used In Pressure Die Casting

Mold Tools – Our mold tools are usually made from H13 tool steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. Specialty steels are available upon request.

Die Cast Parts – Using the correct material is critical to the success of your project. We use magnesium, aluminum or zinc to make the die cast parts. Your choice of materials will depend on cost, weight and engineering application. Our team of die casting experts can support you in choosing the right material.

  • Aluminum Die Casting:
 Ideal for strong, complex yet lightweight geometries. Alloys available are ADC12, A380, ADC10 and A413.
  • Zinc Die Casting:
 Mostly used for very ductile parts that may require plating. Alloys available are Zn 3# and Zn 5#.
  • Magnesium Die Casting: 
For lightweight parts that require a good strength-to-weight ratio. Alloy available is AZ91D.

Surface Finishing

Many finishing options are available for your pressure die casting project including sandblasting, polishing, plating, painting, E-coating, pad printing, silk screening, anodizing, machine finishing and much more. We can advise you on the best choices for your design.

Quality And Inspection

At Star, we take quality seriously with a quality control team dedicated to inspection of every part we make. We have invested in advanced inspection and testing equipment to verify that your die cast parts are made with exactly the material you ordered. We are ISO certified and provide certification documents with every shipment.

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