Prototyping & Production Capabilities for a Range of Industries

Learn how we work with a range of industries to provide prototyping and production solutions to streamline the product development time with quality products. 

3D Metal Printing Services


Providing custom prototyping and production services that meet the unique needs of the medical industry, we deliver fast response times, strict material verification and rigorous quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. Learn more. 

CNC Machining

Consumer Products

We offer flexibility and the ability to ramp up from prototype to production within your timeframe. Offering all services under one roof, your product development journey is streamlined. Learn more. 

3D Metal Printing Services


We offer multiple manufacturing services in one location – including micromolding – to make enclosures or accessories for electronic devices in a wide range of materials and surface finishes. Learn more.

Plastic Injection Molding


Offering a range of services that allow for rapid product introduction, quick response times to changing market conditions and a robust supply chain offering many types of material for every application. Learn more. 

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