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Watch some of our videos and see for yourself how we make such beautiful parts. With so many services and machines to choose from we have become a reliable one-stop shop for our customers.

Factory Tour

Star factory tour video

Benefits Of 3D Metal Printing

3d product video

How It’s Done

DMLM 3d metal printing video

Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing Combined

vacuum casting of polyurethanes

Vacuum Casting Of Polyurethanes

rapid tooling and injection molding

Vacuum Casting / Polyurethane Casting / Rubber Molding

rapid prototyping metal and plastic

Rapid Prototyping

vapor polishing of polycarbonate

Vapor Polishing

Doosan Turning Lathe

CNC Lathe In Operation

CNC Trachoidal machining

CNC Trachoidal Machining Strategy

inspection routine

Inspection Of Parts 1/3 – General Overview

OES material test

Inspection 2/3 – Verifying Raw Materials

testing metals and RoHS compliance

Inspection 3/3 – Scanning Metals And Plastics With Our Mobile XRF Gun

Meet The Team

Pedro Monteiro

Pedro Monteiro – Business Development Engineer UK

Nishant Shah

Nishant Shah – India Head

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