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Want to learn more about plastic injection molding, 3D metal printing, CNC machining and more? Our videos will show you the processes from start to finish and provide helpful design tips and tricks along the way.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Learn more about how we produce high quality plastic injected molded parts and mold tools, and our unique rapid tooling service.

CNC Machining

Learn more about our various CNC machining services such as milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM and surface grinding.


Learn more about our finishing services such as anodizing, painting, color matching, pad printing, sanding, vapor polishing and blasting.

Vacuum Casting

Learn more about our polyurethane vacuum casting service and how we create master patterns and cast copies.

Micromolding Service

Learn how the Babyplast micromolding machine can offer you big advantages in a small and efficient package.

Incoming Materials Inspection

Learn more about our incoming materials inspection methods and witness our state of the art test lab equipment in action

Final Inspection

Learn more about our final inspection process, our state of the art meteorology lab and how we can help inspect your product.

Pressure Die Casting

Learn more about Pressure Die Casting process and other capabilities that complements our die casting service. 

Prototype to Production

Learn more about our entire Protoytpe to Production capabilities that we can offer you and your company.

Rapid Prototyping Processes

Learn more about five different types of Rapid Prototyping processes namely, CNC machining, Vacuum Casting, and 3D Printing processes and a few others.

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