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Why Choose Star Rapid® for Aluminum Extrusion?

Used in industries ranging from construction to consumer electronics, aluminum extrusion is a manufacturing process in which aluminum alloy is pushed through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. Both fast and straightforward, aluminum extrusion yields products that are lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. Here are several reasons to choose Star Rapid for aluminum extrusion services.

An Experienced Team

 We have experienced engineers and project managers on-site to oversee your project, while an international sales team is at your service and in your region to facilitate fast and clear communication every step of the way.


Services to Complete a Wide Range of Projects

Our advanced machinery allows us to make box-section and open-channel dies with dimensions ranging from 185 square millimeters up to 275 x 60 millimeters. We can also make complex extrusion profiles with finished lengths up to 5 meters.

To complement our aluminum extrusion services, we also provide multi-axis CNC post-machining services, such as hole drilling and tapping. Wire EDM is also available for short-run orders that don’t need a dedicated extrusion die.

On-Time Delivery with Tested Performance

Working to complete projects on-time and on-budget, we have 2- to 48-hour response times on RFQ’s 95% of the time, as well as a 90%+ OTD (on-time delivery) against our commitments. We also have robust quality control and quality assurance processes, which help ensure that our finished products work the way they’re supposed to.

Investment That Matters

We’re passionate about our people and processes, which is why we’re always investing to improve them. We’ve implemented a Star University program of mentorship and training to ensure our personnel have the skills they need to be the best in the business. And we are always upgrading our facilities and equipment to stay at the forefront of advanced manufacturing. 

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What Does Star Rapid Offer?

We make box-section and open channel dies in sizes ranging from 185mm² up to 275 x 60mm. These dies produce complex extrusion profiles in finished lengths up to 5 meters.

We also offer Multi-axis CNC post-machining including hole drilling and tapping. Wire EDM is available for short-run orders of complex profiles that don’t require a dedicated extrusion die.

We control all post-processing operations according to your exact specifications. This includes polishing, anodizing, painting and powder coating to complete your parts.

Aluminum Extrusion Tolerances

We follow the standard general NADCA tolerances. However, if your requirements are very precise, then the precision tolerances standard can be followed once we have confirmed your designs.


  • Press sizes: 450T ~ 3000T

  • Minimum order volume: 0.5 ton aluminum for smaller machines, 1.0 ton of 6063 aluminum for larger machines.

  • Tooling lead time: 2 weeks for small molds, 4 weeks for larger molds.

  • Post-machining: Full service CNC cutting, threading, slotting, face milling, etc.

Get Your Aluminum Extrusion Project Started Today

Our engineers are ready to work with you to make sure you get great parts fast. When you submit your 3D design files, we will consult with you to ensure design for manufacturability in order to get parts that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us for your free quote and design review today.

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