How To Choose the Right Plastic Resins for Medical Products

Plastic resins are used to make medical products of all types. This is because it’s inexpensive, lightweight, strong and durable. Plastic injection molding allows for many design options and it’s relatively easy to modify them as needed. Some resins are appropriate for single-use applications and can also be recycled. But not every type of plastic is […]

The 11 Most Important Metals Used in Medicine

Makers of devices used in medicine and healthcare need to be careful about their choice of raw materials. Not only must the material meet the engineering requirements of the application, but it must not pose any additional risk when in contact with the human body or the many types of chemicals that are often found in […]

5 Design Inspirations for Medical Wearables

Medical wearables combine a lot of small but advanced technologies into little packages that collect health data, offer warnings and even administer treatment. But for these products to be successful – to be readily adopted by users and made part of their daily lives – they must be packaged in great designs that are not […]

CAD Design Tips From the Best Wearable Medical Devices & Tech

Monitoring physiological conditions has never been easier, thanks to wearable medical tech. This technology has transformed the way humans can monitor their vitals, and the best wearable medical devices offer an array of real-time data for physicians and health professionals to analyze. But for such wearables to be successful in the marketplace, they need to […]