The Evolution of Generative Design Software

CAD software has, for more than 50 years, been a boon to industrial designers, product engineers and the manufacturers who turn design ideas into finished objects. During this time, production techniques have evolved to include metal 3D printing, digital object mapping and high-speed, multi-axis CNC machining centers while CAD programs have remained relatively unchanged. Now […]

How To Prepare Your CAD Drawings For Manufacturing

All manufacturers need design drawings of one kind or another to make a finished part from metal or plastic, and that usually means a computer-generated CAD file. But many product developers may not know how those files are used on the shop floor. Here is what you need to know from a manufacturer’s point of […]

Goal-Directed Design Software Will Change Digital Manufacturing

There is a new class of design software based on problem solving that will produce mechanical design solutions more sophisticated than any that a single designer could possibly do, and it’s coming soon. How will this change the ways things are made and how will it benefit you? What Is CAD Software And How Does […]