Vacuum Casting Materials


Below you will find a list of the materials that we can work with at Star Rapid. Exotic materials and special requests can be purchased or imported if required. Please kindly ask us when in doubt. For more detailed technical specifications of the below materials, download our vacuum casting material PDF.

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Vacuum Casted Molds And Parts

MaterialCommentAxson Code
STAR-PU Classic ABSThis is the classic and most popular ABS compound.UP 4280
STAR-PU Classic PPPP resin compound - living hinges possible (typically 30 to 50 bends before breaking).UP 5690
STAR-PU AcetalTransparent. Mainly simulates filled ABS or POM.PX 527
STAR-PU Crystal ClearUV stable. Great for glossy, clear parts. Can be tinted or colored. This is the classic acrylic and PC substitute.PX 5210
STAR-PU Rigid PA POMUltra rigid material.PX 245
STAR-PU Rubber 30/83Rubber/TPE resin. Variable hardness, 40 - 85 Shore A. Can be over-molded.UPX 8400
STAR-PU Transparent RubberTransparent rubber substitute. Variable hardness, 45-70 Shore A. Translucent colors possible.(Hei-Cast)
STAR-PU High-Temp ABS 120CHigh temp, most popular ABS compound in the EU. Auto/medical/chemically stable - up to 40 parts per silicone tool.PX 223-HT

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