Vacuum Casting Materials

Below you will find a list of the most common casting resins that we use at Star Rapid. If you have special requirements that are not addressed here, just let us know and we can special order any commercially available resin. For more detailed technical specifications of the below materials, download our vacuum casting material PDF.


Excellent option for testing multiple variations of a prototype design for rapid product development. Hundreds of plastics available to produce any hardness and surface texture. Quick turnaround and global delivery. Overmolding allows you to have different plastics and hardnesses of plastics molded together into a single unit. With our dedicated model shop, climate-controlled paint room and laser marking your finished product will look great. We have an in-house quality control team to insure your parts meet specifications. Our location in China allows you to enjoy competitive pricing

MaterialCommentAxson Code
STAR-PU Transparent Rubber Transparent rubber substitute. Variable hardness, 40 – 70 Shore A. Translucent colors possible. (Hei-Cast)
STAR-PU ABS Flame retardant resin (UL94-V0 specification) (Hei-Cast) 8263
STAR-PU Silicone Translucent silicone that can be used as VC mold tool and also to fabricate VC part. ESSIL 296
STAR-PU Silicone Translucent and Food Grade. It is a platinum cured silicone. HY-E635
STAR-PU High-Temp ABS 120C High temp, most popular ABS compound in the EU. Auto/medical/chemically stable – up to 40 parts per silicone tool. PX 223-HT
STAR-PU PC Transparent. Mainly simulates filled ABS or PC. PX 527
STAR-PU Classic ABS This is the classic and most popular ABS compound. UP 4280
STAR-PU Classic PP PP resin compound – living hinges possible (typically 30 to 50 bends before breaking). UP 5690
STAR-PU PMMA (Acrylic) UV stable. Great for glossy, clear parts. Can be tinted or colored. This is the classic acrylic substitute. UPX 5210
STAR-PU Rubber Rubber/TPE resin. Variable hardness, 40 – 85 Shore A. Can be over-molded. UPX 8400

Star Rapid Vacuum Casting Services

Not sure which material is right for your project? We can offer technical support, a design review and more when you contact us today!