4 Manufacturing Leadership Traits to Overcome a Crisis

Every significant industry in the world must now confront major challenges to their operations due to the ongoing effects of the novel coronavirus. Traditional and once stable supply chains have been disrupted, while some sectors of the economy have all but vanished seemingly overnight. Manufacturing industries of all types are being sorely tried as well. […]

The 7 Pillars of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the next generation of manufacturing for an inter-connected world. To empower it, several discrete technologies and processes are being brought together to form a new ecosystem that will respond independently and automatically to external conditions. This saves time, money, energy and natural resources while producing goods of superior quality exactly when and […]

Advanced Technologies Poised to Revolutionize Transportation

New technologies are enabling revolutionary capabilities for cars and their drivers. These technologies and associated applications are improving private and fleet transport by integrating autonomous systems, wireless connectivity and a slew of sensors to make driving more efficient, safe and comfortable. Here’s what’s coming in 2019 and beyond. Enhanced Driver Vision Systems Cameras on cars […]

Exoskeletons and Assistive Devices To Enhance Human Potential

Many businesses and organizations, including manufacturers, are now exploring advanced powered and unpowered exoskeletons to enhance mobility, increase strength and protect against fatigue and injury in a variety of conditions. We think this will be great for productivity, but it also represents a boon for the elderly and the disabled who need additional support to […]