Molding Defects: The Top 5 Plastic Injection Molding Defects (and How to Solve Them)

Plastic injection molding is the most widely used mass-production process in modern manufacturing. It’s so popular because useful products of every conceivable size, shape and function can be made quickly and efficiently with reliable and repeatable performance. As versatile as it is, getting the best results from plastic injection molding still requires adhering to good […]

Micro Machines are a Big Win for Plastic Injection Molding

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our capabilities in plastic injection molding with the recent addition of two new Babyplast horizontal micro molding machines. This demonstrates our commitment to providing the most agile manufacturing services for customers who need small, precision plastic parts. Let’s look more closely at the advantages of micro molding and […]

The 10 Most Popular Injection Molding Materials

We often get asked what the best plastic injection molding resin is to use for certain projects. And honestly there is no one answer for that. The best resin is the one that works for you and your unique circumstances. The good news is that there are many thousands of plastic injection molding resins to […]

How Clamping Pressure Impacts Your Injected Molded Parts

Getting the best results from plastic injection molding requires that the process control engineer carefully balances several related variables when setting up the machine. One of these variables is clamping pressure. What is Clamping Pressure? Clamping pressure is a measurement of the force needed to hold the mold closed during injection. If this pressure is […]

The Importance Of The Reciprocating Screw In An Injection Molding Machine

The single greatest innovation in the 20th century for improving plastic injection molding comes from one of history’s original and most basic machine types: the screw. Let’s take a closer look at the ingenious application of this simple design and how it improves the plastic injection molding process. How Was Plastic First Injected? Prior to […]