Infographic – The CNC Machine

We use multi-axis CNC machines every day to perform a variety of milling, cutting, turning and drilling functions. They are accurate workhorses used to make countless products for every conceivable application. Because of their versatility, CNC machines can be configured in a number of ways. Regardless of their configuration or the products they make, most […]

Star Rapid Partners With German Tool Supplier Guhring

At Star, we are always looking for ways to improve speed and quality. One way we’ve done this is by partnering with the tool company Guhring to ensure that we provide only the finest tools when making CNC machined parts and rapid prototypes. Guhring is a German manufacturer of carbide and PCD cutting tools like […]

Rapid Tool Changes With An Induction Shrink Fit System

Star Rapid has a growing list of advanced equipment for improving efficiency, shortening lead times and lowering costs. The Gühring GSS 2000 induction shrink fit system is the perfect accompaniment to our multi-axis CNC machining services, making tool changes more rapid, reliable and accurate. How does an induction shrink fit system work? An induction shrink fit […]

What is G-Code, How Does it Work, and Why is it Important For Your Parts?

What is G-Code? G-code is the generic industry term for the computer language that most CNC machines use to control their movements and how they make parts. Let’s look at how we optimize machine programming to make parts faster while improving their quality and consistency. How Does G-code Work? G-code is created as the output […]