How To Talk About Surface Texture Like A Pro

As a product designer you know that your choice of a surface texture goes a long way towards determining how your product looks, feels and performs. However, you may not realize that there’s a specialized vocabulary used by manufacturers when they make and describe surface textures. If you become familiar with these terms and how […]

The Micrometer, Its Parts, and Why It’s Essential for Making Quality Parts

What is a micrometer? A micrometer is a sensitive tool for making accurate measurements of linear dimensions. It’s one of the most important measuring instruments ever made. It has a rigid C-shaped frame. One side has an anvil that is fixed, and on the other side is a moveable spindle. The feature to be measured […]

The Art of Inspecting Material

Manufacturing high-quality parts requires using high-quality material. Find out how Star Rapid tests all incoming material before manufacturing.

How We Test And Control Color

Why Is Color Important? Successful products need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. One way to do this is with a great paint job or molded-in color. With modern paints and pigments, there are millions of colors to choose from. Colors attract attention, establish brand identity, differentiate your product, and help to create an […]

Understanding Accuracy, Precision and Tolerance To Improve Product Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is now the default tool for drawing perfectly rendered objects on a computer screen, which are then transferred to a manufacturer to make the actual part. But there’s a danger in thinking that anything that can be designed can just as easily be made. Software programs are capable of drawing […]

Understanding Surface Roughness for Product Development

Surface roughness is often described by the term Ra but many of our clients are unsure about what this means, how it’s measured and why it’s important to their product’s designs. So here we’d like to remove any mystery so you’re better able to specify exactly the type of surface roughness you want and need […]