Rapid Prototyping With Polyurethane Vacuum Casting

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Many plastic injection molding projects start off by first making a series of rapid prototypes. These are used to further refine the look and feel of the part, to test its functionality, and to improve the design before investing in steel injection mold tools. In this video, Gordon Styles explains why rapid prototyping using the […]

Six Reasons To Use Vacuum Casting For Medical Products

Virtually all new products intended for the medical industry start out as prototypes. Prototypes are used for proof-of-concept, engineering testing, certifications, benchmarking and as design models. And for this purpose, vacuum casting is the ideal rapid prototyping service when preparing a product for high volume production, especially with plastic injection molding. Because injection molding requires […]

Overmolding for Vacuum Casting Prototypes

Polyurethane vacuum casting is a great way to make quick-turnaround rapid prototypes. Solid master patterns are used to cast soft silicone rubber molds, and these molds yield up to twenty copies of the original with excellent surface finishes and only a minimal investment in raw materials. There is also another advantage to vacuum casting that […]

Benefits of Vacuum Casting for Rapid Prototypes

If you’re wondering what the most cost-effective way to make any prototype is, it may be time to set your sights on vacuum casting. Vacuum casting—sometimes referred to as urethane casting or polyurethane casting—was first developed in Europe in the 1960s and has since become one of the most widely used techniques for the development […]