How Gate Design Affects Your Plastic Parts

The runner and gate system used in plastic injection molding is responsible for directing molten plastic from the nozzle of the molding machine into the cavity of the tool. The gate architecture and its location affects cycle times, tooling costs, lead times, the location of witness marks and many other potential defects that are commonplace […]

How To Save Money On Your Next CNC Project

There are many ways to improve your design drawings to make them faster, easier and cheaper to CNC machine while maintaining quality. One way is by understanding and optimizing your specifications for corner radii. Sometimes a few minor changes to your corner radii can make a big difference in price and delivery times. Here is […]

What Tolerances Can You Expect When Manufacturing Prototypes And Low-Volume Production?

When you supply your 2D and 3D drawings for a quotation on a new project, you must specify the dimensions for critical areas on your parts, as well as the tolerance that you require. Very tight tolerances are neither practical nor desirable in most instances, so let’s look at the tolerances that we specify at Star Rapid for most projects, why we do that and what it means for your parts.

How To Control Weld Lines In Plastic Injected Molded Parts

Plastic injection moulding is the industry’s most common way to manufacture parts. This production method is particularly popular when manufacturing in large quantities. Weld lines are a common imperfection to be found in most plastic injected molded parts. They are the result of fundamental physical effects taking place inside of the mold tool cavity. Although they […]