The Six Benefits of ISO 13485:2016 For Product Developers

What is ISO 13485:2016? ISO 13485:2016 is a quality system management standard. It’s similar to ISO 9001, but has a few more stipulations to help companies meet the more specialized demands that come with making medical components and healthcare related products. This standard is often referred to when medical and related products are submitted for […]

Star Rapid Announces ISO 13485:2016

Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturing Star Rapid is proud to announce that we have completed the certification process for ISO 13485. What is ISO 13485:2016? ISO 13485 is a set of standards that define and control a company’s quality management system, specifically regarding the manufacturing of medical devices and other health-related products. This […]

4 Management Tools to Look for in a World-Class Supplier

How can you be sure that you’ve found a manufacturing partner that you can trust? How do you know they will exercise industry best practices, maintain the highest levels of professionalism and protect your confidential information? These are important questions to ask yourself when sourcing a new supplier, especially with today’s complex global supply chains. […]

How The US Tariffs Affect Prototyping and Volume Production

62% of all of our exports to the USA attract Zero Tariffs.  Here we explain why. As you know, there have been further tariffs placed on manufactured goods and commodities shipped from China to the US. To support our customers during this time, we’ve put together some key information about the tariffs to help you […]

HS Codes Explained

What is an HS Code? It’s probably a question most people have either heard or asked if they work with imports or exports. Here’s a brief overview of what it is and how it works.

Top 3 Effects of Globalization on Manufacturing

There are tremendous new opportunities opening up for product developers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers around the world due to the increasing pace of globalization. Here are, in our opinion, the top three effects globalization is having on manufacturing and how our team thinks manufacturers should deal with them. 1. Trade Agreements Free trade agreements can be beneficial to […]