4 Management Tools to Look for in a World-Class Supplier

How can you be sure that you’ve found a manufacturing partner that you can trust? How do you know they will exercise industry best practices, maintain the highest levels of professionalism and protect your confidential information?

These are important questions to ask yourself when sourcing a new supplier, especially with today’s complex global supply chains. Here are the top four management systems that demonstrate a supplier’s commitment to excellence, responsibility and continuous improvement.

1. Quality Management System

ISO9001:2015 is one of the world’s foremost quality management systems. Star Rapid is fully certified by TÜV and we implement the procedures of our quality system every day when making the best rapid prototyping and rapid tooling parts in China.

The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system leaves it to every company to determine for themselves what their quality priorities are and then document the steps they take to maintain them.

How do we do this at Star Rapid? We use a variety of tools that help us listen to our customers, understand their needs and apply what we’ve learned. They include voice of customer surveys, testimonials, interviews, questionnaires, Google Analytics and regular face-to-face meetings via our Global Sales Team.

All of these insights feedback into our quality system to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding customer expecations.

2. Safety Management System

The BS OHSAS 18001:2007 safety management system is an occupational health and safety guideline first developed in Britain and later adopted worldwide. It establishes a framework by which the management team analyzes the risk factors in their business and then lays out a strategy for mitigating or eliminating those risks while being prepared to respond to emergencies.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate at Star Rapid

At Star, we follow the principles of our safety management system first and foremost because it’s the right thing to do. Protecting the well-being of everyone in the organization is what you should expect from a responsible manufacturing partner. It’s also true that eliminating injuries, accidents and subsequent downtime helps to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, meet the regulatory requirements essential for your own supply chain management scheme, and establish customer confidence.

3. Environmental Risk Management System

Protecting the environment is every bit as important as protecting the safety of the workforce.

Under the guidelines of ISO 14001:2015, we’ve established an Environmental Management System that follows the discipline of Plan-Do-Check-Act. We implement proactive steps to protect the air, water and soil, reduce waste and recycle raw materials. These steps are constantly monitored and improved upon as we collect more data about what method works best.

ISO 14001:2015 certificate at Star Rapid

Controlling and eliminating waste benefits our community and shows our commitment to being a good global citizen.

4. Lean Management System

Lean managment poster at Star Rapid

Star Rapid’s lean management system is all about maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, improving response times and ultimately providing a better experience for our customers.

To do this, we employ Kaizen principles to identify the eight major types of waste and find ways to reduce or eliminate them.

The 8 wastes of lean poster at Star Rapid

For any manufacturer like Star Rapid who works with a wide variety of products every day, achieving and sustaining a lean environment is a never-ending goal. Every member of the team is therefore responsible for identifying ways to improve every day.

We believe that these four management systems, working together, form the foundation of a manufacturing partner who upholds the highest standards of performance and ethical behavior. This is what you can expect from Star Rapid when you upload your design files for a free quotation on your next project.

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