Encouraging Young Graduates To Get Excited About Manufacturing

Star Rapid is always happy to give back to the community that we call home. On Thursday July 6th, a group of 7 recent graduates from the Zhongshan Polytechnic University came to visit Star to understand more about manufacturing in a high-tech environment. In conjunction with the central government’s plan to encourage development in key industrial sectors, these young students and their peers are doing surveys of many companies throughout the region, compiling individual and group reports which they will then submit as part of a university competition.

Jon Ross with young engineering graduates at Star Rapid

The graduates who visited Star are all involved in the digital manufacturing and CNC training program, so they had a keen interest in experiencing first hand what it takes to run a world-class rapid prototyping and low-volume factory in their own city. They were impressed with the comprehensive and modern equipment we have on hand, just as we were impressed by their curiosity and enthusiasm. We’re always delighted to share what we do with the community and look forward to encouraging the next generation of makers. Congratulations Class of 2017!

Young engineering graduates taking a factory tour at Star Rapid
Star’s HR manager Max Liu conducts a factory tour for new machinists

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