Vapor Polishing Clear Part

Muller Commercial Solutions Handheld Terminal Case Study

Job Specification:

Project: Clear Handheld Terminal
Processes Involved: CNC machining, Vapor Polishing
Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Lead Time: 10 days

Project Details:

Muller Commercial Solutions (MCS) is one of Africa’s largest providers of computer input devices including keyboards, mice, joysticks and touch screens. They worked with Star to make a prototype for a handheld point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

How The Parts Were Made:

After reviewing the 3D CAD data, the parts were CNC machined from solid blocks of polycarbonate. Since the covers needed to be completely transparent, they were first hand sanded up to 1000 grit to prepare them for vapor polishing.

Vapor polishing is a technique that uses Weld On 4 gas heated to 43° C in a controlled environment. The gas vapor reacts with the plastic at the molecular level to cause it to partially melt and smooth out to optical clarity. This is a dangerous operation requiring skilled workmanship in an atmospherically sealed chamber.

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We are constantly researching the market for suppliers that can provide quality products that meet our clients’ requirements. Having thoroughly researched the company and spoken with its technical staff we were impressed with the skill level, technical know-how and range of products it has produced for its customers.

The finished prototype met our specification exactly and they were delivered on time and within budget. We will certainly be using Star Rapid again.

Muller Commercial Solutions

When I set up the company six years ago, I was literally starting from scratch. Drawing on my experience of running a successful rapid prototyping company in the UK, I am proud to say that we have built a global reputation for innovative techniques, fast turnarounds and competitive pricing and can now boast customers from around the world – including Johannesburg in South Africa.

Gordon Styles

CTO and Founder, Star Rapid

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