Primary Fluids Meter Pump Nozzle Case Study

ServicesCNC turning
Lead Time: 10 days

CNC turned part

About the Project

Primary Fluids, Inc., is Canada’s leading provider of metering pumps, valves and other flow control systems. They developed a new, high-precision pump accessory which required three slightly different versions, and they had a very short lead time. Star Rapid was able to deliver, from start to finish, in ten days.

How the Parts Were Made

A solid blank of stainless steel was turned on our Doosan Lynx 235 CNC lathe. There were two particular challenges on this project. One was to machine a series of grooves along the tapered external nozzle. This required the use of a 2mm ball-nose cutter in a CNC mill. The second challenge was to bore a very accurate center hole. Bores are more accurate than drilling but also demand careful attention to detail.

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