Unique Snuff Dispensing Canisters Made with CNC Machining and Anodizing

ServicesCNC machiningSanding, Sandblasting, Anodizing, Assembly
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
Lead Time: 18 days
Quantity: 200 sets

CNC machined, sandblasted and anodized - the snuffmachine

About The Project

The client required 200 sets of a milled aluminum case, anodized and fully-finished but not too expensive. Since we specialize in low-volume custom orders like these, we were able to deliver a complete set of parts (cover, housing, and activating lever) for less than they could get in Germany.

anodized part

About The Client

Snuffmachine was founded in 2007 in the black forest region of Germany. Company owner Alexander Gerspach wanted to create a new product which was not available on the market – a dosage machine for nasal tobacco, or snuff.

How The Parts Were Made

CNC Machining

We chose 6061-T6 aluminum for the main parts. This is a commonly available aluminum alloy that machines well, is not too expensive and looks great after anodizing.

Also, aluminum is lightweight, making the Snuffmaster easy to carry in a pocket or bag. A 3-axis CNC mill is used to route the profile of the case.


After milling there were some fine machine marks and scratches on the metal. To remove these, all of the parts needed to be placed in a sandblasting chamber and carefully sanded with a fine grit. This gives the parts a uniform matte finish and removes any burrs.


Sandblasting provided the ideal surface texture for accepting the anodizing process. After a thorough cleaning, parts were placed on trees to keep them separate and then dunked into a chemical tank. This is a passivation technique that adds color while increasing corrosion and scratch resistance. And of course it looks great too.