Cormia Unisex Travel Razor Case Study

Services: CNC Machining, EDM Machining, Extrusion, Pressure Die Casting, Clear Coating
Mold Material: 
H13 tool steel
Part Material: 
Aluminum ADC-12 and 6065


About The Project

Mario Cormier, the owner of Cormia Design of Canada, came up with the idea for this product. After trying many other kinds of razors, he found none of them were ideal for traveling. The Cormia travel razor is unisex, uses inexpensive replaceable twin blades, and is safe for air travel.

Pressure Die Casting Part

How The Parts Were Made

Pressure die casting molds were made from H13 tool steel using CNC machining and wire EDM. Several test castings were done to confirm the accuracy of the build and adjustments were made to the tool accordingly. The prototype samples were made from ADC12 aluminum alloy.

The cover needed to be made using a different process, so another tool was created for an aluminum extrusion using 6063 aluminum. 500 parts in various surface finishes were sent to the client for approval before he settled on a satin metal finish as the best option. Achieving this finish consistently required cleaning the parts and then clear-coating them to protect against oxidization.

Finally, all 500 parts were tested for conformity using Optical Emmission Spectrometry (OES) to check the validity of the raw materials and Faro laser scanning to confirm the dimensions of the complex topography of the cover plate.

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Of course the job of taking these designs and developing a working product out of them is a huge challenge, and I couldn’t have picked a better partner than Star Rapid.

They were a great company to do business with. Their service was always fast and efficient and the quality of both their work and communication was excellent. I’m certainly looking forward to working with them again.

Mario Cormier

Entrepreneur, Cormia Design

While we pride ourselves on the speed of our service, we will never allow the quality of our work to suffer as a result of trying to complete a project in the quickest possible time. Everything we do undergoes a full inspection prior to delivery. We check everything from size, shape and finish to the exact content of the metallic material used and only when everything has passed every test do we allow the product to leave our factory.

Gordon Styles

CTO and Founder, Star Rapid

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