What’s New in Tech at CES 2020?

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world’s largest venue for cool and innovative tech products and applications to look for in the coming year. 2020 is no exception, with exciting offerings in wearables, smart home devices, mobile technology and much more. Our very own Business Development Engineers Kaelen Lee and Dara Shabnam […]

Updating the Metric System to Improve Measurements of Mass

The original promise of the metric system was to connect all essential units of measurement (time, distance, force, etc.) to an unchanging natural law. To date, this has never been possible with mass, which was instead based on an object. Now, scientists may have finally found a way to conquer that challenge, eliminating a major […]

How Wires, Cables And Connectors Work

Some of the custom rapid prototypes and low-volume manufactured parts we make aren’t finished products when they leave our facilities. Many still need to be combined with wires, cables, pcb controllers and other assorted electrical hardware to make a complete product solution. We don’t specialize in this area, so we consulted with Swiss electrical engineer […]

All About The OLO 3D Printer

It seems nearly every day there’s a new 3D printer of some sort on the market, promising innovations in material, speed or size. The new OLO seems to do it all – small, light, easy to use and incredibly cheap. Is this the printer that finally brings digital manufacturing to the masses? What Is OLO? […]

Makers, Hackers and Geeks

A new kind of industrial revolution is taking hold in cities and towns all over the world. It’s a grassroots movement, empowered by individuals freely sharing knowledge and using the tools of digital manufacturing. Locally based but connected by the World Wide Web, it may be the best hope yet for revitalizing manufacturing economies and […]

Goal-Directed Design Software Will Change Digital Manufacturing

There is a new class of design software based on problem solving that will produce mechanical design solutions more sophisticated than any that a single designer could possibly do, and it’s coming soon. How will this change the ways things are made and how will it benefit you? What Is CAD Software And How Does […]