Rapid Prototyping With Polyurethane Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting services at Star Rapid

Many plastic injection molding projects start off by first making a series of rapid prototypes. These are used to further refine the look and feel of the part, to test its functionality, and to improve the design before investing in steel injection mold tools. In this video, Gordon Styles explains why rapid prototyping using the […]

Metal 3D Printing – How Does it Work?

What Is Metal 3D Printing? Metal 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that produces impossible-to-make parts directly from CAD data. Advantages to this process include the ability to produce strong, complex geometries, internal lattice structures, conformal cooling channels and other features that cannot be made with traditional machining. Parts can be made quickly with a […]

The Engineer’s Bookshelf: Machinery’s Handbook

Although it’s now digitized on CD-ROM, Machinery’s Handbook still remains The Book to turn to for a vast amount of information relevant not only to machinists but also product designers, tool makers, engineers, inventors and hobbyists who want definitive information about how things are made with machine tools. Let’s take a closer look at its […]

How 3D Printing Is Being Used In Medicine, Part 2

In Part One we looked at the use of advanced 3d printing techniques for healing and supporting the vulnerable human frame, including bones, joints and teeth. Now we’ll take a look at the even more challenging applications involving soft tissue, skin, organs and robotic interfaces that blur the line between man and machine. Stem Cells Human […]

How 3D Printing Is Being Used In Medicine, Part 1

Advances in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, are capturing the attention of healthcare professionals around the world. In fact, 3D printing in medicine currently accounts for nearly 13% of all 3D printing revenue. While the technology has been around for decades and has utilities across numerous industries, modern uses of 3D printing are dramatically altering […]

A Word About Responsible Sourcing

There are a number of concerns that modern manufacturers have, above and beyond the making of products. Among these is the need to demonstrate due diligence in the sourcing of raw materials, especially if those materials potentially originate from war-torn regions of Central Africa. There are legal statutes like the Dodd-Frank Act in the United […]