Important Announcement About Star

We are proud to announce that have changed our name from Star Prototype to Star Rapid.


This change was prompted due to our ongoing transition from a company focused on rapid prototyping into a provider of all low-volume manufacturing services.

Star Prototype was set up in 2005 by British 3D printing veteran Gordon Styles as a 3D printing and rapid prototyping company, but over the last eleven years we have steadily evolved into a low-volume producer of custom CNC-machined, die cast and injection molded parts.

“In the past, customers often thought we only provided prototyping when in actual fact, with more than 200 skilled manufacturing professionals, we have become a one-stop-shop for manufacturing low to mid-sized volumes of high-quality parts and products. This has prompted us to take on a new name that better represents what we do,” said Gordon.

The rebranding also coincides with the expansion and reorganization of our 60,000 ft2 facilities and a further USD $2.5M investment in new manufacturing software and equipment which includes injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, EDMs, and high-tech inspection tools. This investment is in support of our continuing goal, to be rapid in everything we do. Rapid to respond to enquiries and rapid to make world-class parts and tooling.

So why did we keep the word “Star” in our new name?

“I am also a huge fan of Star Trek because it stands for meritocracy, high-technology and exploration, so I can certainly confirm that our new brand image was inspired by the show,” said Gordon.

“Therefore Star keeps its place in the company name to inspire us all to remember that there is a better way. And we still embrace and support the values that got us to this point: honoring our word, treating others with respect and adopting new technologies to constantly improve our quality and services,” he said.

If you have any questions about the rebranding email us at or read this rebranding FAQ. We look forward to working with you in the future and providing you with a reliable service where precision meets passion. If you’re ready to start your next project, contact our team today for a free quote.

Star Prototype's Founder with the Team


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