Rebranding Frequently Asked Questions

Star Prototype is about to rebrand to Star Rapid! Along with the name change will come some updates to our logo and our brand colours. The rebrand also coincides with an of our 60,000 square-feet of facilities and significant investment of US $2.5 million into cutting-edge equipment

To make sure our name change runs smoothly, we’d like to answer some of the most commonly asked rebranding questions.

Can’t find your answer? Feel free to contact us at We’re here to help make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Q: What is our new company name?

Star Rapid Limited

Q: Why did we change our name?

We changed our name for a range of reasons, the main one being to better reflect the range of services we provide. Star Rapid provides much more than prototyping services. We also offer 3D printing, rapid tooling, low-volume manufacturing and a range of finishing services.

Q: What is the company’s address?

Office in Hong Kong – for purchase orders and invoices

Star Rapid Limited
Unit 04, 11/F, Tern Plaza, 5 Cameron Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 999077

Facilities in China – For customer visits and shipments

Star Rapid Manufacturing Co. Limited
15 Huan Mao 1 Road Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Guangdong Province, 528437, People’s Republic of China

Name and Address in Chinese

广东省 中山市 火炬开发区 环茂一路15号

Q: Do you need to update your existing NDA or PO?

No, your current NDA and PO are still valid and legally binding. On your next project a new NDA will be signed using the name Star Rapid Limited but all current NDA’s will still be honored.

Q:  Will the bank’s financial information change?

Yes.  We are in the final stages of creating a new account under the new company name.  If you are a current customer you will be contacted by your account executive with the details once this is finalized.

Q: Can we still use the Star Prototype bank account details?

We will be encouraging all customers to update to our new Star Rapid account details. However, we will keep the Star Prototype account open for 12 months after the official rebranding launch.  If you have any issues updating your accounts talk to your sales representative or email us at and we will try to accommodate.

Q: What if I can’t update the account details right now?

If you can’t update our account details right now let us know and we will try to find an alternative solution to accommodate your needs.

Q: When will Star Prototype officially change to Star Rapid?

We are currently preparing to change our name to Star Rapid. This will take place towards the end of 2016. We will send you specific details soon.

Q: Who owns Star Rapid?

Star Rapid continues to be 100% owned by British engineer Gordon Styles.

Learn more about why we are rebranding in our latest blog post. If you have any questions not mentioned here, email us at

star prototype factory
Star Rapid Facilities in 2016


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