Ingenuity, Invention and Teamwork in the Fight Against Covid-19

Although it may seem like there’s only bad news these days, we’d like to share with you some amazing and inspirational stories about private citizens all over the world leveraging technology, creativity and the tools of digital communication to fight back against the coronavirus. Sharing Information and Expertise Public and private labs, hospitals and research […]

Updating the Metric System to Improve Measurements of Mass

The original promise of the metric system was to connect all essential units of measurement (time, distance, force, etc.) to an unchanging natural law. To date, this has never been possible with mass, which was instead based on an object. Now, scientists may have finally found a way to conquer that challenge, eliminating a major […]

NASA Innovations Benefit all of Mankind

We first previewed NASA innovations way back in 2016. Since then, thousands of scientists, engineers and explorers have continued to push the envelope for research and development in a variety of fields, both on this planet and beyond. Let’s see how they are working to improve life on Earth and for future space missions. 3D Printing In […]

Our Top 6 Picks For Movies With Machine Tools

We all know how much Hollywood loves to glamorize some lives over others. How many movies can you think of that tell us all about the fast-paced, exciting and sexy world of Wall Street bankers, slick big-city lawyers, Washington politicians and, of course, cops. Take almost any subset of a complex and diverse workforce and […]

Cool Things About Zhongshan

We at Star Rapid are very fond of our adopted hometown and we’re proud to play a role in keeping it a nice place to live and work. From time to time we’d like to keep all of you updated on recent events happening in and around town. The Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Council is a […]

The First 3D Printed Object In Space

One of the essential considerations when designing a product for rapid prototyping, be it in metal or plastics, is the need for supports to hold up the structure while it’s being built up layer-by-layer. The inexorable pull of gravity will deform surface features and alter geometries during the build unless careful allowance is made to […]