Five Rapid Prototyping Solutions For Great Results

Ever since people started making stuff – and then tried to make new and improved stuff – there’s been a need for prototypes. They’re used for design evaluation, testing, certification, proof-of-concept, crowdfunding campaigns and as bridges to full production. If you need high-quality rapid prototypes, may we suggest you consider these 5 well-established and mature […]

Top 7 Advantages to Using CNC Machining for Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping means building a physical model of a new product design as quickly and as economically as possible. Some prototypes will be used merely as cosmetic mock-ups or scale models, while others must meet more demanding performance criteria. Prototypes are used for testing, design iteration and to improve overall performance through gradual refinements. For […]

Six Reasons To Use Vacuum Casting For Medical Products

Virtually all new products intended for the medical industry start out as prototypes. Prototypes are used for proof-of-concept, engineering testing, certifications, benchmarking and as design models. And for this purpose, vacuum casting is the ideal rapid prototyping service when preparing a product for high volume production, especially with plastic injection molding. Because injection molding requires […]

The Top 7 Ways to Make Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototypes are an essential part of the product development journey. They are used for functional testing, proof-of-concept, sales demonstrations and as master models for casting and other manufacturing processes. There are now many rapid prototyping technologies available, both additive and subtractive. Here is a look at the seven most common and how they might […]

Tips for Moving Your Product from Prototyping to Production

Let’s say you’ve got a great new idea for a product that you want to bring to market.  You might be doing this for yourself as a lone inventor, or on behalf of a large multinational corporation. Regardless of your experience, new product introduction can be challenging even for industry veterans.  We want to make […]

Young Design Engineers Showcased in the James Dyson Award

Sir James Dyson is justly famous around the world for his groundbreaking inventions, which include the cyclone vacuum cleaner and airblade hand drier. He is also the founder of a design engineering school at Cambridge University and sponsors the annual James Dyson Award. This prestigious contest challenges new design students to come up with solutions […]

From Prototypes to Product Launch: Questions to Consider

Prototypes are ideal for testing an idea, improving on the look and feel of a design and for getting a sense of how the market is going to respond. After all, most successful crowdfunding campaigns have started off with prototypes that brought an enthusiastic response which helped fund more development work. But it’s at this […]

What You Can Learn From Red Dot Design Award Winners

Every year we help to bring hundreds of unique product ideas to life, so we’ve learned a few things about what it takes to create successful products. Some of the designs we’ve worked on have been recognized at robotics competitions, as innovative smart home solutions, and as international design winners. You can learn a lot […]

Top 7 Methods For Making 3D Rapid Prototypes

While 3D printing technology has been around since the 1980s, it is constantly evolving, with new processes being introduced all the time. Some are best suited for consumer applications, while others for industrial environments. However, not all types are suited for rapid prototyping, a technique used to create prototypes quickly and test out a wide […]