Star Rapid Announces ISO 13485:2016

Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturing Star Rapid is proud to announce that we have completed the certification process for ISO 13485. What is ISO 13485:2016? ISO 13485 is a set of standards that define and control a company’s quality management system, specifically regarding the manufacturing of medical devices and other health-related products. This […]

4 Manufacturing Leadership Traits to Overcome a Crisis

Every significant industry in the world must now confront major challenges to their operations due to the ongoing effects of the novel coronavirus. Traditional and once stable supply chains have been disrupted, while some sectors of the economy have all but vanished seemingly overnight. Manufacturing industries of all types are being sorely tried as well. […]

A Word About Safety, Health and Hygiene

Now that Star Rapid is back to full production, we still need to remain vigilant about protecting the health and safety of all of our workers. We have always prided ourselves on keeping the office and factory neat and tidy. After all, this is one of the cornerstones of lean manufacturing – having a clean […]

How Will US Tarrifs on Chinese Goods Affect Your Project?

In July 2018, the United States introduced a series of new tariffs on goods being imported from China. How will these new tariffs affect you if you are importing goods from China into the US? There is still much uncertainty around this subject and the situation is continuing to unfold however here are the main […]

Star Rapid Announces New CEO – David Hunter

Star Rapid has just announced a new CEO, David Hunter, who will lead the company as it focuses on intelligent manufacturing. David has a proven track record of business transformation and comes to us with a wealth of experience. He was most recently VP of Operations & Quality at Multek, a division of Flex, where […]