Cash’s Pump Deckle Holder Case Study

ServicesCNC MachiningPlastic Injection MoldingChrome Plating
Materials: ABS (mouldings), NAK80 (tool)
Lead Time: 4 weeks
Volume: 30,000 parts

About The Project

Cash’s of Australia is a company specializing in promotional items, keepsakes and memorabilia. They wanted to produce 30,000 decorative beer bottle hanging brackets to be used for a promotion. The holders were to be made from plastic but to have a high-gloss chrome finish for a metalized look. Star worked closely with the client to modify the design slightly, improving manufacturability while still achieving the design intent.


How The Parts Were Made

The plastic injection mold tooling was made from NAK80 tool steel. The cavity of the tool was carefully machined and hand polished to achieve a high mirror finish.

Threaded brass inserts were added later, rather than drilling and threading directly into the plastic case.

Once removed from the mold, the parts were chrome plated to achieve a polished metallic final appearance. Production of the tooling and finished parts took just over 30 days.

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