Learn How To Design For Metal 3D Printing

Video Tutorials on 3D Metal Printing

3D printing with metal offers a staggering range of possibilities in the field of manufacturing and rapid prototyping. But designing for it is unlike any other manufacturing process. In our tutorial series on Designing for 3D Metal Printing we’ll share some useful tips and tricks that’ll be helpful when you’re designing your own parts or products. Also, be sure to check out our blogs about 3D metal printing!

Engineer holding cutaway of 3D printed nozzle at Star Rapid

Additive Manufacturing For Metal Parts


Episode 1: Introduction

In Episode 1 we introduce 3D metal printing and share some basic guidelines to keep in mind when designing.

Episode 2: Walls, Gaps and Holes

In Episode 2 we look at design limitations, starting off with walls, gaps and holes.

Episode 3: Bridges and Overhangs

In Episode 3 we look at design limitations and useful design tips when it comes to creating overhangs and bridges.

Alternatives to Metal 3D Printing

Star Rapid no longer offers metal 3D printing services. However, we remain fully committed to helping our customers reach their product development goals by offering a variety of rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services.

If you are looking for metal 3D printing tips, check out our online video tutorials or related 3D printing blogs.

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