6 Great Innovations That Came from the Future

There have always been visionaries able to forecast the future by tracing the arc of the present. Many of them were also great storytellers, and their work has appeared in popular books, films and television shows where it continues to inspire generations of engineers, scientists and dreamers of all stripes. With the gift of hindsight, […]

What’s New in Personal Flying Machines

Humans have envied the flight of birds for thousands of years and we’ve been trying to replicate it for just as long. But it turns out that making a personal flying machine is a very difficult engineering challenge, which has kept this dream frustratingly out of reach for all but a few daredevils. Now, advances […]

Rapid Prototyping is an Ideal Solution for the Medical Supply Chain

The global response to the threat of Covid-19 has revealed in stark detail many of the serious problems in the worldwide supply chain for needed medical products like ventilators, diagnostic kits and personal protective equipment. Some supply problems are related to delays or inequities in various distribution channels. Others are due to a profit-driven system […]

6 Product Design Tips from Robots

You may never have heard of Mr. Joe Jones, but he’s the inventor of one of the most successful commercial robots ever made – the Roomba. Mr. Jones, a graduate of MIT, has experience designing hundreds of robots and he’s identified a few key precepts that apply to good engineering and design best practices, not […]

Ingenuity, Invention and Teamwork in the Fight Against Covid-19

Although it may seem like there’s only bad news these days, we’d like to share with you some amazing and inspirational stories about private citizens all over the world leveraging technology, creativity and the tools of digital communication to fight back against the coronavirus. Sharing Information and Expertise Public and private labs, hospitals and research […]

How Manufacturers Are Responding to the Coronavirus Challenge

The unprecedented challenges people are facing around the world due to the novel coronavirus outbreak are straining every aspect of modern life. But many innovative companies are meeting these challenges by leveraging technology and information to create solutions in record time. Here is a look at what is happening now and coming soon. Ford, GE […]

What’s New in Tech at CES 2020?

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world’s largest venue for cool and innovative tech products and applications to look for in the coming year. 2020 is no exception, with exciting offerings in wearables, smart home devices, mobile technology and much more. Our very own Business Development Engineers Kaelen Lee and Dara Shabnam […]

The 7 Pillars of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the next generation of manufacturing for an inter-connected world. To empower it, several discrete technologies and processes are being brought together to form a new ecosystem that will respond independently and automatically to external conditions. This saves time, money, energy and natural resources while producing goods of superior quality exactly when and […]

8 Innovations To Make Your Home Smarter

Rising costs and demand for energy has led many companies to find new ways to track, control and save energy. To make the most efficient use of resources, smart home innovations have the power to monitor energy use while communicating with the energy grid. They will collect and store power when it’s most economical and […]

Advanced Technologies Poised to Revolutionize Transportation

New technologies are enabling revolutionary capabilities for cars and their drivers. These technologies and associated applications are improving private and fleet transport by integrating autonomous systems, wireless connectivity and a slew of sensors to make driving more efficient, safe and comfortable. Here’s what’s coming in 2019 and beyond. Enhanced Driver Vision Systems Cameras on cars […]