Weights, Measures And The Story Of The Kilogram

Star Rapid talks about the foundations of metrology and the special case of measuring how heavy something is. This lovely platinum/iridium cylinder is a kilogram. In fact, it’s the kilogram, as kept under very controlled conditions at the International Bureau of Standards near Paris, France. It forms the basis for the standard unit of mass, […]

New Sodick EDM Machine

One of the newest additions to our family of fine equipment, the Sodick AD30Ls will help us to increase our capacity in sinker Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). This unit is a high-precision, linear drive model guaranteed to hold tolerance on all three axes for 10 years without maintenance. This makes it fast, accurate and reliable. […]

How to Use the PolyMax Gun to Identify Plastic

Are You Getting The Plastic You Asked For? With so many different types of plastic on the market, being able to correctly identify each one is critical for getting the right results when manufacturing a new product. But what’s the best way to identify plastic material accurately and repeatably, when so many kinds look and feel the same […]

All About The OLO 3D Printer

It seems nearly every day there’s a new 3D printer of some sort on the market, promising innovations in material, speed or size. The new OLO seems to do it all – small, light, easy to use and incredibly cheap. Is this the printer that finally brings digital manufacturing to the masses? What Is OLO? […]

Makers, Hackers and Geeks

A new kind of industrial revolution is taking hold in cities and towns all over the world. It’s a grassroots movement, empowered by individuals freely sharing knowledge and using the tools of digital manufacturing. Locally based but connected by the World Wide Web, it may be the best hope yet for revitalizing manufacturing economies and […]

3D Printing For Electronics

We talk a lot about rapid prototyping and that often means 3D printed or machined parts. But many prototypes are of the electrical sort as well, and in order to make a working electronic prototype – one that combines rapid production of a case with the internal electrical components – the designer must also create […]