Intern from Germany

Hey there!

I am Vanessa from Germany and I recently started my 3-month internship at Star Rapid. I’m looking forward to my stay here in Zhongshan and hope to learn more about the local business etiquette as well as the Chinese cultural traits.


I have finished my apprenticeship in foreign trade in July 2014. Now I am eager to deepen my knowledge in that area and experience first hand how ‘doing business’ differs in every country.

I think Star Rapid suits this ambition perfectly as the CEO, Gordon Styles, encourages me to take a look at manufacturing work first hand. For me personally, the processes here are very interesting, as I’ve never seen anything like it before. It is amazing to see all the different steps until a part is finally finished. Before I came to Star I never realized how much work it is until a final part is manufactured.

I am also joining the German sales and marketing team and will be involved in both areas in a supporting but also a pro-active role. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to an instructive, interesting and great time at Star. I am working together with a great and welcoming team!

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