Young Design Engineers Showcased in the James Dyson Award

Sir James Dyson is justly famous around the world for his groundbreaking inventions, which include the cyclone vacuum cleaner and airblade hand drier. He is also the founder of a design engineering school at Cambridge University and sponsors the annual James Dyson Award. This prestigious contest challenges new design students to come up with solutions […]

What You Can Learn From Red Dot Design Award Winners

Every year we help to bring hundreds of unique product ideas to life, so we’ve learned a few things about what it takes to create successful products. Some of the designs we’ve worked on have been recognized at robotics competitions, as innovative smart home solutions, and as international design winners. You can learn a lot […]

How Will US Tarrifs on Chinese Goods Affect Your Project?

In July 2018, the United States introduced a series of new tariffs on goods being imported from China. How will these new tariffs affect you if you are importing goods from China into the US? There is still much uncertainty around this subject and the situation is continuing to unfold however here are the main […]

Star Rapid Announces New CEO – David Hunter

Star Rapid has just announced a new CEO, David Hunter, who will lead the company as it focuses on intelligent manufacturing. David has a proven track record of business transformation and comes to us with a wealth of experience. He was most recently VP of Operations & Quality at Multek, a division of Flex, where […]

Star Receives Engineering Award from BUILD Magazine

With a team of dedicated engineers, machinists, designers and support staff, we’re honored to be named, along with our client Gate Labs, a winner of the BUILD Magazine Engineering Excellence Awards. The Engineering Excellence Awards 2017 recognizes various engineering disciplines and rewards firms and individuals for their often unheralded hard work. Star Rapid and Gate […]